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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Presidiot, part 2

There's been a bit of Presidiocy lately regarding traffic on the post. I mean, yes, it's been going on for years, what with construction and road closures and lost tourists and bikers all over the place. But sometimes the idiocy reaches a level that deserves special attention, so here we are.

THIRD PLACE goes to whoever is charge of Doyle Drive, the schmancy new "Presidio Parkway." Seven years of constructing this brand new, monumental freeway. Billions of dollars to make it smooth and stunning and part of the scenery. Fancy new tunnels and much to-do about accommodating the increase of traffic. AND THE SPEED LIMIT IS 35. Yes, that's right, THIRTY-FIVE, a limit that nobody ever obeys, by the way. It is so ridiculous that I am expecting the highway patrol to start giving tickets to the people who are actually going 35, because they are a total nuisance.

SECOND PLACE: This one is actually over now, but for an entire month the whole western side of the Presidio was essentially blocked off from the main post by the closure of the main thoroughfare, Lincoln Blvd - why? "Tree work." FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. To which I must respond A, that the Trust has no business taking down trees in the first place and B, what the hell could you possibly be doing for an entire month that honestly requires you to shut down a major road? Are there really that many trees? If so, see point A.

FIRST PLACE: This is my favorite. This is the new roadway coming onto the Presidio from Marina Blvd. There's a two-lane road and WOW a sidewalk! (We don't have many of those.) And DOUBLE WOW a bike lane!! These are very civilized urban designers, are they not? But guess what? Read the sign. Read it and weep, oh ye pedestrians and bikers. Just because we construct space for you doesn't mean you're allowed to use it. Next time BRING YOUR CAR.

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