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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Go Take A Hike

What with all the rain this winter, and now the glorious sun this spring, the Presidio is totally in bloom!

Just today, walking along the trails around Amatury Loop and the National Cemetery, I saw the first purple blooms of the ice plant:

Lots of white blossoms on what appears to be clover but which might actually be redwood sorrel:

I'm  guessing at all these plants, but this looks like miner's lettuce showing little white buds and some kind of yellow clover:

Their leaves are very similar to these nasturtiums:

And who doesn't love lily?

Periwinkles are all over:

And I saw something I've never seen in these woods before, a straggling tree with a bunch of bud clusters:

A new part of this was using some of apps for identifying plants, the best of which is called "Garden Answers" and can be found here for free.

Hope you're getting out to enjoy the Presidio this spring!

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