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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goldsworthy's Latest

Driving through the Main Post yesterday, we came across something odd: a team of men attempting to slide a tree branch into a forgotten building on the Main Parade Ground.

That's building 95, an old powder magazine on the corner of Anza and Sheridan. In my mind it's called the Lily Pad, thanks to its weird isolation and the abundance of lilies sprouting at its walls.

Turns out the tree is part of an upcoming art installation by Andy Goldsworthy. The Presidio Trust rep on site couldn't say whether the branch was a eucalyptus or not, only that future tours inside the building will be limited to ten people at a time.

Directly in front of the branch stands Goldsworthy himself, in white pullover and yellow helmet. He seems impertinently relaxed for a man trying to stuff an outsize branch through a tiny doorway. (Think how much more fun he could be having if there were still explosives in the building.)

Directly behind the tree branch, you can see a living tree that celebrated its 137th birthday this Fourth of July. The Centennial Tree was planted in honor of the 100-year celebration of the American Revolution, but it has come to be viewed as a memorial to all the army families that lost relatives during service.

I'm liking this contrast of old and new. And I love that we love trees so much here that we're even letting artists stuff them inside the buildings. All we really need to do next is build the world's most awesome treehouse. Maybe the Trust could do a Treehouse Inn. You could sleep in the foggy nights, based on a Goldsworthy-inspired philosophy of "wanting to be alert to changes in material, season and weather."

Goldsworthy's other two Presidio projects - the Spire and the Wood Line - are still at the park and can be seen here. Welcome number three!


Unknown said...

Hello, we'd like to use, and credit, your photo of Andy Goldsworth's tree being installed into the Powder Magazine for an article we are running on the project. We'd be happy to credit you as the source and include a link to your blog. Could you let me know if we can use the photo by email? Helen [at] Thanks!

Presidio Brat said...

Yes, please feel free to use it!

Russ fischer said...

My dad, an amateur photographer, stationed at Presidio just prior to WWII and he took pics of me, age 2 in front of tree. 68 years later did same with my two children. Many memories from visits to tree and Presidio.

Presidio Brat said...

Oh, how great! I wish I could see those photos. :-)