The Presidio Brat

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Magical Seascape

I've never actually seen the tide this low at Baker Beach, low enough that you could walk clear to the south end and through a gap in the rocks.

It was a magical seascape, a phantasmagoria of shells and colors and critters. Mussels seemed to cover every rock.

Things were still living, and up close, the colors were extraordinary. There were dozens of green anemone-like blobs that closed themselves off if you touched them.

Crimson slices of color inside white mini-clams.

The iridescent hues of what looks like calamari.

The muted pinks and black orchid tones of this weird kelp.

Bright pink and orange starfish

Tooth-like white shells, black and amber streaks

A deep, gorgeous indigo of shells

And the brilliant orange of a starfish against a purpled rock.

It's a rare glimpse into an overlooked part of the Presidio -- the underwater world that touches its shores. I recommend a peek, but watch out for the rising tide.

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