The Presidio Brat

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Presidio Social Club

Okay it’s too early to say I’m in love, but I have a mmmmmh crush on this place. From the outside it looks like an old army office building (massive affection here), then you walk inside and see a bizarre drum set thing with the bright red Presidio Social Club logo on it, which is quirky enough to say “Oh come on in, I’m not all that snooty.” But inside you get draped with a ritzy feel. You won’t be intimidated when you look at the menu, which is old Americana. It made me feel like I was in a Joan Crawford movie.


I drank a Pisco Punch at the bar – OUT OF THIS WORLD! They have Hoop-Las and Preakness and the old-fashioned stuff that puts you in the mood to bet on the horses. For dinner, I ordered fish and chips because it smelled so damn good. The fish type wasn’t my favorite, but everything was delicious. Dessert – beignets and butterscotch pudding which just seemed to explode in my mouth. That was worth the whole trip alone. My sister and I were waiting for the $100 check but it only came to $55.

Too much to love:

The wait staff was formal and warm.

They let you sit forever.

They have an outdoor patio and free parking after 5 and on weekends.

They still stick with the army tradition, calling it "Building 563." It's a former Buffalo Soldier barracks, once occupied by the 9th and 10th Cavalry.  

Will definitely being going back!